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I am a urologist who has developed an interest in the tools of Jewish ritual circumcision (brit milah).  Some of these tools are rather ornate.

I've noticed, however, that there is very little information on the web regarding these instruments.  It seems odd--when these items are occasionally auctioned on eBay, there seems to be a lot of interest.  I suspect that there actually are enough collectors to justify a few informational sites.

Therefore, I present to you CircCentral my collection of antique circumcision tools. 

At first I bought most of these items on eBay.  I later learned that some of them are counterfeit.  Unfortunately, eBay is full of counterfeit items--just one look at the auctiontrack website will show you that.

If you know anything about an item, please email me (CircCentral at yahoo dot com).  

As this site expands, I would like to post items from other collectors.  If you share my interest, do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you.

Rob Lehrer
CircCentral at yahoo dot com

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