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CircCentral--The World's Largest Online Circumcision

Counterfeit Judaica

It amazes me that someone would counterfeit circumcision tools.  Fortunately, many times you can identify the real items from the fakes.  If you have looked through CircCentral, you will have gained some insight.  If you haven't browsed through CircCentral, click the red banner above to go to the home page. 

If you would like further information, the following links are very informative:

This is an eBay guide by bobmeyer99.  It has a great deal of detail regarding counterfeit circumcision shields. 

This is auctiontrack, a site that tracks fake Judaica auctions.

This is an eBay guide by judaicaman.  It specifically discusses counterfeit circumcision shields.  Judaicaman also has other guides about counterfeit Judaica.

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